Saturday, November 10, 2012

Download Netspeed Monitor, DU meter’s alternative

Netspeed monitor latest version free download netspeed monitorDU meter alternative. Hi friends in my previous post i have discussed about  Low MB Opera mini web browser latest version free download . Now i give you a most important computer software that is Netspeed Monitor  . This software is more essential for internet user who use limited internet. By using this software you can see your daily,monthly and yearly internet uses report easily. About DU meter we know something. DU meter is my favourite software, but now-a-days I use Netspeed Monitor that is full alternative of DU meter. DU meter installation have many problem. So I select Netspeed Monitor. Exciting that, Its FREE. Its feature explain in the given below.


All TCP/UDP endpoint table :

Netspeed monitor show you TCP/UDP endpoint your all systemlocal and remote address. Which of the processor in system are use that name shows.

Daily traffic monitor report : 

Daily, monthly, yearly how much data are transfer you see using SQLite database. For its show you do not install anything.

Fully customize facilities :

can customize your netspeed monitor easily for your work.

Download this software in the given link

===  Download here ===


  1. Very nice share. i was googling about du meter alretnative and find your site. Installed the software you suggested in the article. It's perfect. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This was a good explanation. Many people are unaware of the power of computer monitoring software. Unfortunately, much of this software has received a bad name. It's been misused by hackers and other malicious individuals.

    For this reason, computer users have not become sufficiently educated on how it can help them. If someone suspects that other people are doing things on their computer without their permission, they can easily check it out with this software.



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